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Tina was the glue that brought our wedding weekend together

Tina was the glue that brought our wedding weekend together. 

We ultimately asked Tina to be our Wedding Coordinator after meeting with 2 other options. From the start, we could tell Tina was honest and forthright in her feedback on our vision and how she could help make it a reality. 

Throughout our year of planning, this honest feedback was critical to our success since we were planning our wedding from 400 miles away. 

As a result, we really appreciated Tina providing a curated list of her “go-to” vendors. While I’m sure we could’ve asked Tina to setup meetings with various other vendors to meet and compare offerings, we didn’t always have that flexibility being so far away from Charlotte. 

During our trips to Charlotte, Tina would set aside large blocks of time for us to meet, visit the venue, and meet with vendors. Her dedication to making sure we got the necessary face time on a limited schedule was invaluable. She really did an amazing job making sure that whenever we were in town, she was with us for most the day. Not only was this important to us, it was also appreciated by the Bride's parents.

Once we got closer to our big day, Tina really stepped up and hunted down vendors we struggled to get a hold of ourselves. This was a huge stress reliever as we knew Tina would be in contact with everyone to finalize day-of plans. 

On our (rainy) wedding day, she quarterbacked some minor layout adjustments and kept us in the loop as to how plans were shifting with the weather. Throughout the entire day, she truly stuck to our vision and what we discussed and made it work within the confines of the situation. 

We loved working with Tina and certainly couldn’t have made our day happen without her!