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The Perfect Planner!

If you want your wedding to go flawlessly without any worries, Tina is the perfect planner!! I met with SEVERAL planners in the Charlotte area during the initial process of finding one but none of them particularly stood out to me. As soon as I met with Tina, I hired her on the spot and cancelled my other appointments. I was probably one of the most difficult brides because I have an opinion about everything and I like to be in control. However Tina was super organized and made me feel very much at ease. Her personality is very graceful yet SUPER effective. Even though I am an organized person, during our meetings with vendors Tina would always ask questions I had not even thought about. She is very experienced in wedding planning and attentive to every detail! On the day of the wedding she arrived early and had already taken care of multiple details I was worried about. I was able to relax and enjoy my wedding day, way more than I would have been if we had not hired a wedding planner. If you think you can handle everything on the day of your wedding by yourself, don't be fooled. So many things can go wrong and there is hardly ANY extra time on the wedding day. My bridesmaids and I were busy from 8am until the wedding at 5pm. Before the wedding started, one of the aisle marker vases broke because it was so windy outside. Tina worked with our venue to find other vases and rearranged them so that they were just as beautiful as we had planned, even though one broke. I didnt even know about the broken vase until after the wedding. She didn't come freak me out and get me upset. I just can't say enough good things about Tina. Her personality and eye for detail is perfect. She adapts to your style and has a vision for what you want. For a bride who initially thought I could handle everything myself, hiring Tina was the best money spent of the wedding. I highly suggest to set up an appointment with her and as soon as you meet her, you will see what a perfect planner she is!

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