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It may come as no surprise that wedding and event planners are creative. You expect when you hire a planner that they come with all the ideas tucked away to make your day spectacular, right?

What may come as a surprise it that even event planners creativity sometimes needs a little help, or a little kick start.

Creativity isn’t a talent, it’s a birthright, and all of us have it in us with a little help or inspiration.


Today, I am sharing 4 places that I go to ignite my inner creative! 

Other Creative Wedding Professionals. 

It may seem obvious, but seeing other wedding professionals work, frequently inspires me.  I love seeing what florist and other event designers do to transform spaces.  Finding a way to put my spin on an idea or to expand upon something I’ve seen in Wedding Planner Magazine or other planners I admire like Mindy Weiss, always gets my creative juices flowing.


Oh shopping how I love thee, but in all seriousness, creativity can sometimes be very fluid and unexpected.  I might be shopping for a new pair of shoes for my daughter and walk by a row of brightly colored pillows or shelf of glassware and be inspired by a pattern or shape.  Shopping at an antique store for vintage items for a rustic wedding might lead to something for another client’s modern elegance wedding theme.  Keeping your eyes and mind open to all possibilities is the key. 

 Art Museums

I love art! All kinds, all artists, well known and not so well known. I love the stories they tell.  Wondering through the quite halls of a museum and being transported to another place and time.  Rather its early Italian renaissance, romanticism or modern art it ii's a great place to get refreshed and rejuvenated.

A Walk

When I feel my creativity draining, going for a walk can always fill it back up.  Nature provides such a great free resource for inspiration!  The shapes of trees, wild flowers in bloom, the colors in the sky or the smell of fresh air, just being outside always bring ideas flooding in!

Those of us that consider ourselves creatives, can tend to be all over the place with our ideas, but at some point we all need to carve out the time to create the things that are authentically ours and in our own way. Now, go find your own inspiration in your own places, they might just be right under your nose, and while you're at it, I'd love to hear where you get your inspiration!

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